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Find Delicious Indian Vegan Curry Dishes at Curry Lovers Epping, Not Just for Vegans!

The Vegan movement has no doubt grown over the years, with more and more people choosing to adopt a plant-based diet and skip the meat. Now we know being vegan isn’t for everyone, but does that mean everyone can’t enjoy a meal together at the dinner table? Of course, not and here’s why…

Curry Lovers is a local Indian restaurant found raised above street level in a unique restaurant venue setting. Their casual dining atmosphere and extensive Indian dinner menu has won the hearts of locals and visitors near the Epping area of Sydney.

They understand that we all have different dietary requirements which is why the Indian restaurant chefs have created an Indian food menu that caters for not only meat lovers, but vegans too.

What type of Vegan Indian curry is on the menu?

This beautifully styled Indian restaurant offers five amazing vegan curries to choose from, and we’ve detailed them below for you to try the next time you’re planning a dinner out with friends or family. Best of all, you still have the choice of the entire dinner menu and who ever said vegan curry is just for vegans? It’s not!

Dal Saag Vegan Indian Curry at Curry Lovers Epping

This tasty vegan curry features Spinach with lentils and an aromatic blend of spices. If you want to get your greens, then this power-meal is just for you!

Vegan Paneer Butter Masala Indian Curry

Also known as tofu, the vegan paneer butter masala curry is cooked in a tomato, ginger and cashew nut sauce – it’s the perfect take on the all-time favourite butter chicken, without the chicken of course!

Vegan Saag Paneer Indian Curry

If lentils aren’t your go-to choice, then this vegan curry is a winner! Blended with spinach and vegan paneer (tofu), this is a healthy curry that’s full of flavour and zero meat!

Vegan Mango Tofu Indian Curry

How about that delicious flavoursome mango curry some of really love? Mix it up with some tofu and perfectly balanced spices and you’ve got something delicious.

Vegan Bombay Potatoes and Peas Indian Curry

Spice is nice and so are potatoes and peas! This vegan curry by Curry Lovers features sauteed potatoes and peas combined with just the right amount of spice.

Find a plant-based curry has never been this easy. Book your table at Curry Lovers in Epping to enjoy something for everyone on their dinner menu, including vegan curries!


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