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Foodie Guide: The Most Popular Indian Restaurant Menu and Where to Eat the Best Indian Food, Epping

In this article, we will review and consider some of the tastiest, most flavoursome Indian curry dishes available for guests to enjoy at the restaurant, order Indian food for home delivery or place an order online for Indian food takeaway in Epping and its surrounding suburbs.

Are you searching the streets of Epping to find the perfect Indian restaurant and Indian food menu? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Curry Lovers Epping has fast become a local favourite, serving up the delicious and robust flavours of Indian gastronomy.

Tandoori Chicken Tikka - Best Indian Food Menu - Curry Lovers Epping

It’s always good to start with a starter. Let’s look at some of the most popular Indian entrée menu items now serving at Curry Lovers Epping.

View the entrée and starters menu at Curry Lovers Epping here.

Who doesn’t love the juicy and spiced flavours of Tandoori Chicken Tikka? The overnight marinated chicken in a special spice and yogurt blend has made this a top choice for Indian food lovers in Sydney. Start your Indian dinner journey with a taste of Tandoori cooked Chicken Tikka at Curry Lovers Epping.

For those that can’t seem to squeeze all that delicious food in one sitting, perhaps you’ll skip the starter and move straight mains. Afterall, we did come here for the curry, right?

There are so many different choices when it comes to selecting a curry dish from an Indian restaurant. And the popularity of each curry is really based on the flavours you like best and your dietary requirements of course.

View the Indian food main menu at Curry Lovers Epping here.

Did you even need to guess what the most popular Indian curry dish is? … Yep, you got it… it’s Butter Chicken!

We all know and love the flavours of the exceptional curry dish, Butter Chicken! It’s popular amongst kids too – an all-time favourite curry dish and while it does differ in flavour from restaurant to restaurant, when you find your favourite, you’ll never switch. Curry Lovers in Epping is no exception to this rule, you must try their butter chicken flavours and when you do, you’ll never look at an Indian restaurant the same again!

Saag Paneer - Vegan Curry - Vegetarian Curry - Indian Food - Curry Lovers Epping

Any vegans and vegetarians out there?

Don’t worry, Curry Lovers in Epping has a menu to match your diet choices and they are ever so tasty that even non-vegans and non-vegetarians just love the flavours that come together in harmony for your tastebuds.

For vegetarians you can try dishes like Daal Makhani and Daal Tadka, the lentil curry king and queen of flavour; always a popular choice to enjoy as a shared curry on the dinner table.

If you are vegan, then you must try all plant-based curry flavours of Vegan Saag Paneer, this spinach-based curry dish with vegan paneer, also known as Tofu, is the ultimate vegan curry and its popular amongst vegans, vegetarians, and everyone else dining with you!

What Indian curry dish will you try next?

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Chya Ahmed
Chya Ahmed
Jun 26, 2022



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