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Top 3 Trending Restaurants in Sydney for Lunch and Dinner – The Foodie Guide!

Are you searching for a seriously delicious restaurant in Sydney? Are you craving a fusion of authentic-flavours paired with Western-cuisine? Discover Sydney’s top 3 trending restaurants open for lunch and dinner.

Finding a restaurant to dine-in at in Sydney is easy, there’s plenty of cuisines, ambience, and dining settings, as well as restaurant locations to choose from.

So how do you narrow down the choice to find the trending restaurants in Sydney?

Easy – we’ve done all the hard work for you with our top 3 trending restaurants in and around Sydney, NSW Australia.

#1 Cantonese Fusion Restaurant in Sydney

In our top-spot for Cantonese fusion cuisine, you really can’t go past the iconic Mr Wong Cantonese restaurant located in Sydney CBD, within the establishment hotel. Mr Wong does Cantonese-style food in a larger-than-life way and the food is absolutely delicious! The dining room serves a lavish French-colonial setting, and the restaurant menu features items from dim sum to classic mud crab. It’s a must try for any foodie!

Visit Mr Wong:

#2 Indian Fusion Restaurant in Sydney

Taking the best of the best spot for trending Indian restaurants in Sydney is no other than Curry Lovers Epping. Located in the north-west of Sydney CBD, Curry Lovers is famous for delicious curry and covers an extensive menu that meets most dietary needs. The restaurant encompasses a massive outdoor terrace balcony that captures the sunlight in the day and the cool breeze of summer nights. Curry Lovers is Epping’s fast-trending Indian fusion restaurant that won’t disappoint on food, service, or beverage choice.

Visit Curry Lovers Epping

#3 Authentic Thai Restaurant in Sydney

Sweeping the hearts of locals and voted as the best Thai restaurant in Sydney, Thai Pothong Sydney is the number one choice for authentic Thai cuisine. The amazing Thai restaurant located in the heart of Newtown takes your tastebuds to the streets of Thailand. A stunning multi-level dining room that features private dining settings, top-notch service and multi-awards achieved. If you ever find yourself on the streets of Newtown looking for a restaurant, Thai Pothong is your trending choice.

Visit Thai Pathong

Find your next favourite bite and discover Sydney’s trending restaurants and taste the unmatched flavours they all bring. Our top 3 trending list of restaurants gives you something new taste and try, so book now and let’s eat!

Did you know?

Curry Lovers Epping offers over 70 menu items – they’re open for lunch and dinner, functions, and special event catering service available.


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